Wild Coyotea

Herbal Alchemy Inspired by California

The Coyote is an adaptable animal: able to live in many climates, up and down the state of California, in cities and rural places.  The coyote is a witty animal and it is loyal to its family pack. 

Wild Coyotea was conceived in Los Angeles and birthed in Northern California by Califa Moon Witsch, a native Californian. Califa grew up in Sonoma County, and has lived in Santa Cruz, Oakland + Los Angeles, in love with the vibrant energy of California. From the redwood forests to the Joshua trees, the magical north coast, the warm southern Cali vibes -  these are the places that inspire Wild Coyotea! The name Califa comes from the Queen of California, who was an Amazonian Goddess and reigned over the West Coast.  Califa is passionate about plant medicine - using the many powers of plants to support our holistic well being. 

Califa is always learning about plants and herbs from books, workshops, word of mouth wisdom, personal experimentation and exploration.  She loves playing with fermentation and has been making kombucha for years, which was her initial inspiration to make herbal infusions. Califa made kombuchas and herbal teas for restaurants in Southern California (SQIRL + MesaVerde), and eventually decided to start her own business and make her unique blends and brews accessible to everyone. Please enjoy, give us feedback, and spread the word! This is a labor of love and every purchase and word of support truly makes a difference.