Wild Coyotea

Herbal Alchemy Inspired by California

After hand mixing our organic, herbal blends and brews, we place them in eco-friendly, thoughtful packages. Our packaging is intentionally plastic-free, reusable, and made to give as a handcrafted gift for yourself or someone you love!    After finishing your Wild Coyotea blend, please keep the tins to hold everything from jewelry and keepsakes to paperclips and bulk salt and pepper! Please keep the tins out of the landfill!   Wild Coyotea always loves to hear from you! Please be in touch.

Xo Califa



*Wild Coyotea ingredients are the most high quality, organic herbs, sourced mostly from Mountain Rose Herbs. If you are a local California herb farmer, please be in touch! I would love to work directly with farmers to create the most potent, sustainable, artisanal products!