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New Red and Green Brews for You!

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I created two new brews!

Introducing: Queen Ruby and Morning Greens!


Enjoy the rich color, and light, sweet, floral palate of this Queen. 

Queen Ruby is a royal powerhouse of health.  

Rooibos: Antioxidant, anti-spasmodic, good for respiratory health, hyperactive gastrointestinal disorders, calming

Rose Petals: Calming, indigestion

Goji Berries: Antioxidant, mineral-rich

Rose hips: vitamin C

This caffeine-free green herbal tea is a great morning (or any time) immune booster! 

Morning Greens is a leaf-lovers dream!

Nettles: Immune system boost, allergy relief, anti-inflammatory

Red Clover Leaf: immunity, cholesterol

Ginger Root: Digestive aid, anti-inflammatory

Spearmint: Digestive  aid, anti-fungal

I have also created a five-pack of all the herbal brews (teas, not including smoking blends)! If you desire Wild Coyotea in your kitchen, or some handcrafted, healthy gifts to share with friends, I am offering a discount when you buy them as a package deal