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Cosmic Spring Moon - Ritual + Wisdom

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I follow the cycles of the moon and seasons.  Every 28 days, the moon shines her full brightness, then wanes until we have a dark moon, a New Moon, 14 days later. The New Moon of this Spring Equinox will wax full in two more weeks, continuing the natural lunar cycle.

While some folks look forward to Christmas or Easter, I grandly celebrate the seasons and the moon cycles.  It is a great time to remember the waxing and waning of our personal lives.  A New Moon's darkness is a great time to let go of anything from the past month, year, or lifetime, to be ready for the expansion of lunar and personal light.  

Not only is today the New Moon, it is also the beginning of Spring.  We have come through the darkest nights of winter, often hibernating (physically or spiritually), sometimes mimicking the darkness in our selves by becoming more reclusive, incubating new ideas that will be ready to sprout once Spring comes to town.  She is here!  It is a perfect time to reflect on the lessons of winter, and give yourself permission to step into a new chapter of growth and expansion.  NOW IS THE TIME.

A good friend and mentor, Shiloh Sophia, sent out a beautiful poetry practice this morning, inviting us to BE in the space of the New Moon Eclipse Equinox, and it inspired the following poem. To be inspired regularly by the wild, soulful, visionary artist and teacher (she just presented at the UN!), get in Shiloh's vibe.


Cosmic Spring Moon.




Wildly vivid dream worlds.

Kissing, killing, searching.

Bright Green Growth.

Tender love, dancing renewed.

Lady Luna guiding and reminding,

Revolving through the darkness of Winter,

Into Spring’s fresh sweet brightness.

Eclipse giving us inevitable images

Of our own shadowy transformation.

No excuses, we must go forward now.

And so I shall accept All As Is.

And so I shall believe in the power of my own curving path.

And so I shall spring into my confident heart, stitching hearts and moons of gratitude

as I follow the sun’s bright trail,

Living out my delicate incarnation one earth day at a time. 

New Moon + Spring Ritual

Give yourself time to sit with a journal or piece of paper and pen.  Make a cup of tea or coffee or kombucha, whatever suits your fancy.  Light a candle to represent the Spring and forthcoming Light.  

Ask yourself these questions, and write freely.  Do not censor yourself.

  • What are you allowing yourself to let go of right now?

  • What seeds have you started sowing?

  • What darkness can you acknowledge and release?

  • What is the Light in your life? 

  • How are you transforming?

  • What are you dreaming of?

Once you have written freely, choose a new piece of paper and divide it into two columns: Darkness and Light. 

Write words or phrases on each side. For example, under darkness I wrote: self doubt, fear of failure, sadness. Light: love, partnership, creativity.  You can interpret darkness and light as you will.  Darkness is not necessarily "bad" nor light "good", they are just different parts of the same whole. Once you have filled this up, thank yourself for diving into this deeply personal process, and safely burn the paper.  You may burn it in a ceramic bowl, in a fireplace, or an outdoor fire pit.  Allow the Universe to work Magic.  If you feel brave enough to share about how this process was for you, please respond in the comments below, or email me wildcoyotea@gmail.com I love to hear about your own Moon + Spring Rituals. Be kind to yourself, this is a big time of transformation. Remember to sleep enough, eat nourishing foods, and stay hydrated.  Keep listening to your inner wisdom and follow your own unique path.

With Love + Respect,

Califa Coyote

Photo by the wildly talented Allison Pharmakis.