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Califa's Kombucha recipe!

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First of all, YAYYYYYYY!!!!! Thank you everyone for your positive feedback and generosity and willingness to support me in this endeavor. It is so much fun for me to have a product I am actually sending to people in the mail! So tangible and lovely. And I love that I get to share myself, recipes, inspiring elements, etc. through the interwebs.  What a community I have! 

Here's a kombucha recipe that I have been using for years.  It has changed a little bit, and I encourage you to be intuitive and play with your recipe. Let me know what works for you! 

*Boil one gallon of filtered water

*Turn off stove

*Add 1 - 1  1/2 cups of organic cane sugar and about 7-10 tea bags (or loose leaf equivalent) to hot water. You can also add herbs to steep for flavor/medicinal purpose.

*Stir to dissolve sugar

*Let the hot sweet tea steep for about 15 minutes

*Strain the tea bags/loose leaf tea

*Let the sweet tea sit until room temp

*If you have kombucha culture in the fridge now is a good time to remove from fridge and let it warm up to room temp.

*When the sweet tea and the kombucha starter are at the same temp, pour the sweet tea into a gallon jug (or bigger) with a wide rim. With clean hands, and NO METAL (jewelry etc) place the kombucha culture into the sweet tea and pour the kombucha "starter fluid" in there as well

*Cover the brew with a breathable material, towel, paper towel, etc, and secure with a rubber band or string so bugs can't go swimming!

*Start tasting your brew after five days. You will know it's ready when it has the right sweet/sour flavor (it's up to you! Brewing longer will result in a more sour flavor. You can also let it ferment to kombucha vinegar).

*When it's ready, remove a cup of the liquid and the kombucha culture (or cultures, it's possible a new baby has grown in the past week!) Set this liquid and culture/s aside for a new batch.

*Bottle the kombucha in sealable bottles ie mason jar or swing-top bottles (you can get them at IKEA for cheap!)

*Let these bottles ferment a day or two longer at room temp, they will get fizzy! You can also add some simple syrup or fruit for extra fermentation/fizziness here (this is a second fermentation).

*Refrigerate to stop the fermentation! 

*You have made your own kombucha! Congrats!