Wild Coyotea

Herbal Alchemy Inspired by California

Now Presenting... Wild Coyotea!

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I did it! I blended the herbs, put them in metal tins, silkscreened these little cotton drawstring bags, took photos, learned how to put an online store together! Wild Coyotea herbal blends are all ready to go!

Thank you for the support, encouragement, taste-testing, everything! I now have four products for you: Three herbal teas, and one smoking blend! The herbs are of the highest quality I could find, most are certified organic.  Please enjoy these blends as intentional alchemical brews that were truly crafted with care.  They are healing, delicious, and I am honored to share them with you. Heart Beams!


                                                         My dear friend Chelsea Bond with her Artemis Brew

                                                        My dear friend Chelsea Bond with her Artemis Brew


Please use the code 4PACK to receive a $7 off coupon if you buy 4 or more blends!

Share with your friends! Again, thank you thank you thank you for supporting this vision of mine! Wild Coyotea was born from a deep desire to share practical tools and wisdom of optimal wellness. I hope I can bring some of that to you. 

So much LOVE,

Califa Coyote Weiss