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DIY Silkscreening!

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Here is a little of my process learning to screen print! I found some instructions online, went to a few different craft stores (Beverly’s and Riley St in Santa Rosa) before I came home an attempted the mysterious screen-printing process!


It is actually not that complicated :-)


What you will need:

·       Embroidery hoop (or a wooden frame) 

·       Mesh material (I went for the cheapest silk screen material at Riley St for $21/yard)

·       Drawing Fluid + Screen Filler (I used Speedball, both from Riley)

·       Small paintbrush

·       Newspaper

·       Screen-printing ink – I used acrylic paint!

·       Squeegee

·       Hairdryer

·       Something to print on!

Assemble your screen (pull silk as tight as possible within the embroidery hoop, or staple it to a wooden frame).

Draw your design with Drawing Fluid (wait to dry – I used a hair dryer)

Apply Screen Filler with a squeegee. Only go over the dry drawing fluid 4x max so it doesn't get clogged. (wait for the screen filler to dry – I used a hair dryer again)


Rinse Drawing Fluid with water and you will be left with only the screen filler! Now it's time to get out the paint or ink and...


Put the screen face down onto material to be printed on. If the material is thin or could get stuck to itself, insert paper inside (shirt, bag, pants, etc). Add a blob of ink or paint above the design. Swoop down with the squeegee and make sure the whole design is covered in ink. When you take it away from the material you will have your printed design!

These are the bags my Dreamtime Brew will come in! I am so very close to have everything ready, the online store up and running. Thank you for your patience and encouragement as I approach the finish line!

XOXO Califa